Lawn Care Services in

Roselle Park, NJ

Whether you love chowing down at the annual Feast of St. Anthony or strolling the Roselle Park Art Festival in the fall, we’re going to bet you’d love coming home to a beautiful yard and home. GreenStripe can give you the healthy lawn your property deserves using natural, earth friendly products.

By opting for environmentally safe products and services like ours, you can give your lawn the nourishment it needs while minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals. Our lawn treatments are safe for both people and pets, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your lush green lawn.

Why work with


GreenStripe offers our lawn care services in

Roselle Park, NJ

because we know it so well. Like every location we service, the

Roselle Park, NJ

area offers unique conditions and challenges that we've become experts in diagnosing and treating over the years.

We believe in the importance of knowing your territory in order to best serve it's residents, which is why we love working so close to home.

Wherever you live in town, you deserve a beautiful, healthy lawn
We use naturally sourced products and plant-based fertilizers for longer-lasting results

Earth-friendly Lawn Treatments

Natural-based lawn applications are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people look for alternatives to traditional lawn care methods, which can be harsh and potentially harmful to the environment.

Here at GreenStripe, we use naturally-sourced products and ingredients, as well as proprietary plant-based fertilizers to focus on building up your soil's ecosystem for a more natural feeding and longer-lasting results.

Natural Mosquito Control

One of the key benefits of natural mosquito control services is that they use natural methods to repel and control mosquitoes, rather than relying on synthetic or harmful chemicals. This means that they are typically safer for the environment and for people, and can be used in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Overall, natural mosquito control services can provide an effective and safe alternative to traditional pest control methods. By using natural ingredients to repel and control mosquitoes, these services can help to protect our environment, while also providing long-term control of mosquito populations.

We also offer natural mosquito control services
Our tree and shrub treatments will keep your plantings resilient and strong

Tree & Shrub Treatments

Tree and shrub treatments can provide a number of benefits for your home. By providing your plants with the nutrients they need, treatments can help to support their overall health and vitality.

This can lead to stronger, more resilient plants that are better able to withstand the stresses of extreme weather and other challenges.

Aerations & Overseeding

Overall, aeration and overseeding services can provide a number of benefits for your lawn. It can help to make your lawn more resistant to disease and pests, as well as more tolerant of extreme weather conditions.

By improving air circulation and water penetration, improving fertilizer uptake, these services can help to improve the health and appearance of your lawn, making it more enjoyable to spend time on and more resilient in the face of various challenges.

Aeration and overseeding can make your lawn more resistant to diseases and pests

Customer testimonials

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Very friendly and professional.... can you honestly ask for anything more? Double thumbs up 👍 👍

Stephen Kozlovich

It's been a pleasure working with these guys. They were able to answer a lot of questions I had, and may me feel comfortable hiring their services.

Stacy B

Frequently asked questions

Are your products safe for pets and children?
Absolutely! GreenStripe only uses the best on your lawn. Though, if the lawn was sprayed, we recommend staying off the grass until it's dry.
Do we need to schedule services in advance?
Not unless you want to!  Your services will typically happen on a similar schedule year-to-year and we'll contact you before we come out.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don't want you to stick around because you're stuck under a contract. GreenStripe is proud to offer our services based on results and friendly customer care.
How does billing work?
We offer two simple options to streamline your billing: Autopay, which will pull payments as work is completed, or prepay which offers a 5% discount for the year.
Can I set up autopay?
Of course! We know life gets busy and our autopay feature allows you to pay your bills as they are generated, keeping your service completely hands-free.
What if the service doesn't work?
We're all about making our customers happy. If you have a problem or the service doesn't appear to be working, contact us and we'll put together a plan to get you back on track.