The lawn care season is here and off to a slow start

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The 2024 season is here and has been cold and rainy.

You may have noticed that the forsythias have bloomed which is a sign that soil temperatures are rising into the upper 50s. This is traditionally a time when pre-emergence needs to be put down to prevent crabgrass. With these big swings in temperature we still have about 3-4 weeks before step 1 crabgrass preventer doesn’t become as effective anymore. You may notice some lawns are coming out of dormancy quicker which is normal this time of the year. If you have a fairly new bluegrass lawn you will notice it's looking quite brown at the moment. Give this lawn a few weeks of warmer weather and that will start to pop as well. We have been outside working as hard as we can to get everyone’s 1st round completed by 15th of April. Let’s hope the weather holds up.

In the next couple of weeks we will be starting our 2nd round which is when Grub Control should get applied. If you're a superintendent customer or purchased this service, rest assured this pest won't be an issue in your lawn. For everyone else, this is a really important application that's done early in the season to prevent grubs from attacking your lawn in the fall time. Think of it as a cheap insurance plan. We are very proud to be using the latest technology which is a low risk pesticide that doesn’t harm bees or beneficials. If you would like to add Grub Control to your plan, simply log in through our Customer Portal at and click on Add Service. This is a simple and easy way to check that off your lawn care checklist.

As always, Thank you for choosing GreenStripe to treat your lawn. We appreciate your business!

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