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We take care of your lawn and the earth. It’s a win-win.

Eco-friendly, green lawns from GreenStripe

About GreenStripe

GreenStripe is an earth-conscious lawn care company that strives to deliver incredible results with organic-based treatment approaches while taking care of our planet.

We are proud to offer a lawn care service that is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Our team is passionate about preserving the earth and ensuring that our clients have healthy, beautiful lawns.

We believe that every home should have a lush, green lawn, and we are committed to using sustainable practices to help you achieve one. Call us today for a free consultation!

At GreenStripe, we love grass!

Our Story

How we got to where we are today.

February 2017

Organic Lawn Solutions was formed and treating approximately 65 lawns at the time.

January 2018

We officially rebranded as the name you all know, GreenStripe.

December 2018

GreenStripe celebrated its first successful year in business.

March 2020

We began testing various natural products and innovating new approaches to better fertilization.

April 2021

We are proud to hire our first full-time technician to learn everything there is to know about grass and soil health.

September 2021

The NitroPack fertilizer line was completed and ready to be spread on customers' lawns.

September/December 2022

GreenStripe added its third spray truck to the family and officially made it over the five year hump as a business!

Our Mission

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We're hiring!

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Mike Fabian

CEO | Sales

Michael began his career at 17 working with a neighbor mowing lawns while in high school. He eventually worked for various sales positions after high school and decide he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

In 2014 he decided to open up United One Landscaping and acquire a few local companies. This is where most of his skills and leadership began. In 2017 his passion evolved from maintenance/installations to Eco-Friendly Lawn Care. He decided it was time to part ways with the landscape company and open up GreenStripe.

Michael attended Rutgers University, a world class school to learn about different soil types, grasses and nutrients. But ask anyone, Michael’s a true people person. He loves meeting and speaking with clients about sustainable ways to treat the lawn. Aside from his various sales positions over his career he loves the task of solving problems.

Today he serves in a more managerial position but still works hard on the day-to-day operations and interacting with clients. When he’s not in the office or meeting with customers, he’s out playing golf or fishing.

Mike Fabiano, GreenStripe's founder and owner

Bradley Pietrucha

Lead Team Specialist

Bradley started working for GreenStripe in 2021. He started working at GreenStripe because he has a passion for creating a beautiful lawn without using harsh chemicals.

Brad is licensed in NJ as a Pesticide Applicator and has attended continuing education classes at Rutgers University. Being a dog owner himself, it was important for him to learn how traditional products pose a health risk to us, our pets, and the environment.

He can now say that he feels great about what he is doing.  During his free time, you can catch him fishing, surfing, and going for hikes with his dog Jetty.

Bradley Pietrucha, lead team specialist

A Promise
To Our Clients

We're here to make a difference. These are our promises to you and our planet.


We promise to be responsible in our treatment methods.

As a team, we aim to help reduce the amount of chemicals being released into our environment by using thoughtful lawn care practices and educating our customers.


We promise to use sustainable, organic materials in our services.

One of the ways we approach our environmentally-friendly services is to use naturally sourced ingredients like chicken litter and similar products rather than synthetics.


We promise to focus our services on serving not only the customer, but the environment too.

We want to offer services that are based on sustainable practices and products that help reach our goal of restoring and maintaining your lawns natural ecosystem.

Customer testimonials

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!

Very friendly and professional.... can you honestly ask for anything more? Double thumbs up 👍 👍

Stephen Kozlovich

It's been a pleasure working with these guys. They were able to answer a lot of questions I had, and may me feel comfortable hiring their services.

Stacy B

Frequently asked questions

Are your products safe for pets and children?
Absolutely! GreenStripe only uses the best on your lawn. Though, if the lawn was sprayed, we recommend staying off the grass until it's dry.
Do we need to schedule services in advance?
Not unless you want to!  Your services will typically happen on a similar schedule year-to-year and we'll contact you before we come out.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don't want you to stick around because you're stuck under a contract. GreenStripe is proud to offer our services based on results and friendly customer care.
How does billing work?
We offer two simple options to streamline your billing: autopay, which will pull payments as work is completed, or prepay which offers a 5% discount for the year.
Can I set up autopay?
Of course! We know life gets busy and our autopay feature allows you to pay your bills as they are generated, keeping your service completely hands-free.
What if the service doesn't work?
We're all about making our customers happy. If you have a problem or the service doesn't appear to be working, contact us and we'll put together a plan to get you back on track.