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Greenstripe collaborates with professional landscapers to seamlessly deliver top-tier lawn care services.

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Greenstripe is committed to proving comprehensive lawn care solutions.
However, sometimes your lawn care needs may extend beyond our in-house services and need extra help.
That's where our valued partners come in.

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We make sure that each of our partners meet our high standards for quality, customer service, and local knowledge.
You can be at ease knowing that we work closely with our partners to ensure they provide the best lawn care possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Are your products safe for pets and children?
Absolutely! GreenStripe only uses the best on your lawn. Though, if the lawn was sprayed, we recommend staying off the grass until it's dry.
Do we need to schedule services in advance?
Not unless you want to!  Your services will typically happen on a similar schedule year-to-year and we'll contact you before we come out.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don't want you to stick around because you're stuck under a contract. GreenStripe is proud to offer our services based on results and friendly customer care.
How does billing work?
We offer two simple options to streamline your billing: Autopay, which will pull payments as work is completed, or prepay which offers a 5% discount for the year.
Can I set up autopay?
Of course! We know life gets busy and our autopay feature allows you to pay your bills as they are generated, keeping your service completely hands-free.
What if the service doesn't work?
We're all about making our customers happy. If you have a problem or the service doesn't appear to be working, contact us and we'll put together a plan to get you back on track.