Disease Control

Maintaining a vibrant and healthy lawn in New Jersey comes with its challenges, particularly in managing lawn diseases. With its diverse climate and varying soil conditions, New Jersey lawns are susceptible to a range of fungal and bacterial infections that can quickly spread and devastate turfgrass. Effective lawn disease control strategies are essential to safeguarding the lushness and vitality of your lawn, ensuring it remains resilient and beautiful throughout the seasons.

About our disease control

Through our lawn program we treat the soil with natural products to keep your plants' immunity boosted, but sometimes that’s not enough. We combat lawn diseases by leveraging natural beneficial bacteria and effective fungicides, providing targeted protection and promoting a healthy, resilient turf. 

Understanding Lawn Disease

Understanding lawn diseases is crucial, especially during the summer months in New Jersey when warm temperatures and high humidity create ideal breeding grounds for various fungal infections. Among the significant threats are diseases like brown patch and dollar spot, prevalent in our region. These fungal infections thrive in such conditions and can rapidly deteriorate the health and appearance of lawns if left untreated. Recognizing the signs and implementing proactive measures are essential for preserving the beauty and vitality of your lawn throughout the summer season.

Rhizoctonia "Brown Patch,"

Rhizoctonia, commonly known as "Brown Patch," is a fungal disease that poses a significant threat to lawns and turfgrass, particularly during warm, humid weather. Characterized by circular patches of brown, dead grass surrounded by dark, water-soaked borders, brown patch can quickly spread and devastate entire areas of lawn if left unchecked. This aggressive fungus thrives in moist conditions and can be exacerbated by over-fertilization or excessive thatch buildup. Prompt identification and proper management, including adequate drainage, proper mowing techniques, and targeted fungicide applications, are essential for controlling brown patch and preserving the health and beauty of your lawn.

Clarireedia “Dollar Spot”

Clarireedia, commonly referred to as "Dollar Spot," is a fungal disease that poses a significant threat to lawns and turfgrass, particularly in regions with warm, humid climates like New Jersey. Characterized by small, circular patches of bleached-out grass, dollar spot can quickly spread and weaken the overall health of the lawn. This fungal infection thrives in conditions of high humidity and moisture, often appearing during periods of warm weather. Effective management of dollar spot involves maintaining proper lawn care practices such as adequate watering, balanced fertilization, and regular mowing. Additionally, targeted fungicide treatments may be necessary to control and prevent the spread of this troublesome disease, ensuring a lush and resilient lawn year-round.

Magnaporthiopsis poae.”Summer Patch”

Magnaporthiopsis poae, commonly known as "Summer Patch," is a fungal disease that poses a significant threat to lawns, particularly during the warm summer months. Characterized by circular patches of wilted or dead grass, Summer Patch can quickly spread and devastate large areas of turfgrass if left untreated. This fungus thrives in hot, humid conditions and is often exacerbated by excessive thatch buildup and poor soil drainage. Effective management strategies for Summer Patch include improving soil aeration, reducing thatch accumulation, and ensuring proper irrigation practices. Additionally, targeted fungicide applications may be necessary to control the spread of this disease and restore the health and vitality of your lawn.

What to Expect

With our disease control applications, you can expect comprehensive coverage and proactive care for your lawn. As part of our Superintendent Lawn Program, we visit your property three times, beginning in late spring and continuing through late summer every 30 days, to effectively combat lawn diseases. Our tailored approach ensures that your lawn receives the necessary treatments to prevent and manage common issues such as brown patch, dollar spot, and summer patch. Additionally, we offer individual applications for curative treatments on an as-needed basis, providing targeted solutions to address any emerging issues promptly. With our expertise and commitment to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn, you can trust that your property is in good hands year-round.

Frequently asked questions

Are your products safe for pets and children?
Absolutely! GreenStripe only uses the best on your lawn. Though, if the lawn was sprayed, we recommend staying off the grass until it's dry.
Do we need to schedule services in advance?
Not unless you want to!  Your services will typically happen on a similar schedule year-to-year and we'll contact you before we come out.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don't want you to stick around because you're stuck under a contract. GreenStripe is proud to offer our services based on results and friendly customer care.
How does billing work?
We offer two simple options to streamline your billing: Autopay, which will pull payments as work is completed, or prepay which offers a 5% discount for the year.
Can I set up autopay?
Of course! We know life gets busy and our autopay feature allows you to pay your bills as they are generated, keeping your service completely hands-free.
What if the service doesn't work?
We're all about making our customers happy. If you have a problem or the service doesn't appear to be working, contact us and we'll put together a plan to get you back on track.